Maintaining different types of sinks

How to Clean a Quartz Sink

These sinks are made with quartz of course. The resistance to high temperatures make this one of the best options for your kitchen. You should not worry too much about the maintenance of these types of sinks.

Stoneware sinks are usually very rigid which gives it resistance to damage. Do not overdo it and clean your sink with a sponge, warm water and liquid soap. This cleaning should always be after use.

You have to do a more detailed cleaning periodically, using a specific cleaning product for this material that you can find in any supermarket. Do not clean with scouring pads or abrasive cleaners.

How to Clean a Marble Sink

The marble sink is widely used in homes. It is practically clean, does not need detailed maintenance. The facility to clean it makes it one of the most demanded for kitchens.

As we have indicated for other types of sinks, you need nothing more than a cloth, warm water and liquid soap. Stains may appear in your sink, but do not worry because we have the solution to this problem. Apply directly a drop of liquid soap and rub with a cloth moistening it in hot water to remove stains from your sink.

If the stains persist with this trick, we have an ace under the sleeve. Adhere some vinegar to the cloth and rub it with a little more force and the stains will disappear. After removing all stains, you should rinse the sink with lukewarm water and clean once again with a clean, dry cloth to remove any trace of dirt. How to clean a marble sink is so simple that you will in minutes.

How to Clean a Ceramic Sink

For cleaning this type of material you should not spend a lot of money. You will need a sponge and liquid soap to keep it in top condition. If you do not have liquid soap you can use some vinegar-based cleaning product. Either of these two options will give you the same result.

One of the most common oversights that occur in the kitchen is leaving metal utensils for several hours causing stains in your sink. To solve this problem, simply use ceramic glass cleaners that you can find at the nearest hardware store in the house.

If you want to keep your ceramic sink in perfect condition, avoid using abrasive products that will ruin the material. Do not use concentrated formula, which can cause irreparable damage to your sink.

How to Clean a Synthetic Resin Sink

If you have this type of sink you are probably very happy with it. This material is a good choice for your kitchen. The porosity is very little, managing to avoid the dust or dirt that come to have the other materials of manufacture.

Sink Cleaning Remedies

Cleaning is very simple, using liquid soap and water will leave your sink very clean. If you have lost a bit of brightness we tell you how to recover it. It is simple. With a dry cloth and a mixture of lime and hot water you will clean the sink. Moisten the cloth and wipe it all over your sink to give it shine. This blend helps remove scratches and remove stains difficult to remove with soap. If you do not have lime you can substitute with vinegar.

Bonus – Cleaning Kitchen Faucets

In order to effectively clean your faucet you simply follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. If it is stainless steel like one of these Then you will need a special kind of cleaner.


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