How to remove a garbage disposal unit

A sink garbage disposal like this, destroys food particles from the sink directly, so you do not have a spoon out and throw them away. The sink drain leads directly to the chopping mechanism that cuts the food into small pieces and pushes them out through the drain pipe. Removing an old unit allows you to replace it with a newer model, or to make repairs to the engine.


• Turn the power to the garbage disposal off at the circuit breaker. Unscrew the cover on the bottom of the base unit. Disconnect the ground wire and pull out the other two connectors.
• Disconnect the dishwasher hose by loosening the screw holding it in place in the garbage disposal. Adjustable pliers help to loosen the connection, then remove the outer hose.
• Loosen the nut holding the discharge tube to the arrangement. Pull the discharge pipe from the arrangement.
Turn the lower part of the elimination unit and also the assembly of the ring in a counterclockwise direction. Pull off the assembly.
• Loosen the three bolts holding the mount in place under the sink. Remove the mounting and rubber seal from underneath the unit. The drain flange will come out with the assembly.

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