Tips to Save Water

waterDrinking water is a scarce resource and one that it is essential to preserve. So here are some tricks for saving water at home. If we don’t become aware that water is a scarce commodity, it is sometimes difficult to realize the waste that we are responsible for each day. It must be said that opportunities to waste drinking water are common in everyday life.Rest assured, it is possible to achieve water savings without falling into extremes and discomfort. Simply apply a few simple things in every room of the house.

Reduce Bathroom Water Usage

This is undoubtedly the most affected part of the house by waste. Between the water used for personal hygiene and that which is intended to expel our waste, the bathroom and the toilet will be our first stop to save water.

  • Do not let the water run while shaving, washing hands or teeth. This simple gesture will reduce your water consumption by a few liters.
  • Equip taps with flow reducers. They are sometimes called aerators or water-saving aerators. Regardless of the name they bear they reduce the water consumption of 15 liters / minute to 5 liters / minute (depending on the model)
  • Do 5-minute showers or baths and use on average 130L less. By closing the water during soaping you can save 20 liters more.
  • Make sure that the washing machine is full before starting it. If the model is equipped with a Eco function use it.



Saving Water in the Kitchen

Another important room in the house is the kitchen. Follow these tips for big savings.

  • Wash vegetables over a basin to reuse water which can then be used to water plants and flowers.
  • Make sure that the dishwasher is completely full before starting it. Some models are equipped with a touch Eco or Half-load, use them!
  • If doing the dishes by hand, do not let the water run! Instead fill 2 tanks (1 for washing, one for rinsing)
  • Note that by not closing the tap it uses less than 50L of water to clean the dishes instead of only 15 to 20 liters filling the tanks.

Reduce Water Usage Outdoors

The garden is the last place that you can save water.

  • Use a sprinkler system and drip or soaker hose that allows you to regulate the pressure and therefore the amount of water distributed by limiting its dripping.
  • Have mulch around the crops to retain moisture from dew and watering.
  • Use a watering hose to limit the constant running phenomenon and use less water for the same result.
  • Water during the evening to avoid fast evaporation due to the sun.
  •  Use a maximum of other water resources. The water from the well can be captured easily and used to water the garden for free.
  • Installing a rainwater harvesting system to benefit from free and renewable source of water.

In Conclusion

We have given many tips to reduce drinking water consumption and reduce bills. None of these actions will revolutionize our comfort and, with a little good will and a lot of mobilization of the citizens, we have the power to contribute to the limitation of our water problems.

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