Toilet Problems

Leaks on the outside of the toilet can cause significant damage and leakage through the floor. The advantage in this case is that water losses are easily detected. Problems are sometimes recorded in the area that connects the bowl to the floor. Other times, the leaks have their origin in bad seals. In many of these cases, it is necessary to disassemble the toilet or cistern to perform repairs.

Problems with the toilet

In order to solve the problems of water loss in toilets, it is often necessary to remove the latter to replace the gasket and sometimes it is also necessary to remove the fixing screws and the cistern mechanism. It is necessary to take note of the brand of the tank to buy a kit with all the necessary elements for the repair.

The foam seal is then removed, which enables the water to be sealed between the toilet and the cistern, the edges of the orifice are cleaned to remove scale and the new mechanism is introduced into the cistern. From the outside, the PVC nut is placed in the thread and it locks to compress the joint. Finally, a new foam seal is installed on the nut and, again, the tank on the toilet.

Pipe gasket leaks

When leaks are spotted between the exhaust pipe and the toilet, it is necessary to disassemble the latter. To do this, shut off the water tap, empty the cistern and disconnect the water inlet pipe to the tank. It is then removed from the wall and the retaining brackets removed. To release the toilet from the floor, remove the screws that fix it to the floor. After unscrewing, carefully swing the toilet to loosen the adhesive that binds it to the floor.

When leaks are recorded between the evacuation tube and the toilet, the latter must be removed. Sometimes the solution is to replace the sealing gasket of the sleeve. In this case, after dismantling the toilet, remove the damaged seal and cut the adjusting ring with a metal saw.

If all else fails then you can always call a professional. They know the best practice and will always get the job done.

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